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Meet contemporary romance author, Kim Law Thursday, March 16th at 7:30 PM (ET) and have a chance to win prizes!

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Caught Off Camera -signed print (US only), eBook, or audio. 

(eBook and audio will be sent through book funnel)


A political prince and a woman with a scarred past trying not to get caught on camera…

JP Davenport was born political royalty.

There’s no escaping the attention always focused on him—no matter how hard he tries.

And when the senate seat needs to be filled, all eyes in the country turn his way.

But he doesn’t want it.

His attention is focused on one thing—Vega, the beautiful videographer trying to score an interview with him.

Despite their instant chemistry, she seems immune to his charms.

Which only makes him want her more.

He doesn’t know the truth.

Being with him would thrust Vega in the spotlight and expose her own secrets.

After hiding for years behind the lens to escape her past, she doesn’t want to be put in front of it.

Yet her feelings for the dashing, charming, golden boy of American politics places her front and center.

When their attraction finally combusts and dirty deeds from the past resurface to sully the present, will it mean an end to their future, or is love worth the risk?

This steamy romance is about a man desperate to get out from under his family name and a woman hiding from her past. Filled with political intrigue, secrets, and scandals.

About the author

Kim Law penned her debut work, “The Gigantic Talking Raisin,” in the sixth grade and fell hard for writing.

She loves dark chocolate, anything purple, and the challenge of baking the perfect macaron.

Kim’s novels often leave readers wishing they could “move to her small towns” while they also contain a fun mix of drama, family & friends, laughter, and emotions. ALL THE EMOTIONS.

A native of Kentucky, Kim lives with The Mister and their dogs, Biscuit and Jelly, in Middle Tennessee. You can find Kim at her website www.kimlaw.com.


Caught Off Camera -signed print (US only), eBook, or audio. 

(eBook and audio will be sent through book funnel),

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